September 26 to 30, 2016

Flavoured Coffee of the Day
Caramel Royale

Soup # 1
Soup # 2
MONDAY - Country Vegetable
MONDAY - Seafood Chowder

Feature 1
Feature 2
Monday Spaghetti with Meatballs or with Marinara sauce only (v) 5.75 5.31 Thai Red Curry Chicken Soup - a hearty bowl full of Thai flavours and tender chicken served with a freshly baked biscuit 5.50
Tuesday Tuna Melt - our creamy Albacore Tuna salad grilled with real cheddar in your choice of white or brown bread 5.75 Vegetable & Cheese Frittata (v) - baked "omelette" full of vegetables and three cheeses 5.50
Wednesday Turkey Schnitzel on a bun - turkey with seasoned breading on a bun ready for you to garnish as you like 5.50 Kitchen Sink Salad (v) - a meal sized salad loaded with vegetables, cheese and cooked egg 5.75
Thursday French Connection Sandwich - Black Forest Ham, Brie and apple slices in a freshly baked all butter croissant 5.50 Pulled Pork stuffed Baked Potato 5.50
Friday Hot Beef on a Bun - our slow roasted Eye of Round with rich brown gravy in a fresh Azores Bakery bun 5.75 Fish 'n Cheddar - crisp breaded fish patty topped with cheddar and ready to garnish as you like 5.50
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